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Our Mission


Welcome to
“Overcomers United”
We are an apparel line of Inspirational Clothing, and products for Women and Men.
This was created for all to know that with Christ,
“We are Overcomers!”
It all started with a Vision and Dream, this is how my book,
“A Daily Surviving Overcomer”
evolved. It has a 4 out of 5 star rating in reviews in some areas.

Then, “Women Who Are Daily Surviving Overcomers” came forth.
It is my Daily Inspirational page on Facebook. It’s a
movement to encourage women all over the world. I still wasn’t satisfied because I wanted something for Women, and Men to know that we can Unite, and Represent Christ together. To know we don’t have to be divided, or at odds with each other. For any who may not know Christ, to see and ask what does “Overcomers United” mean, and for Us to share. By wearing a T shirt, carrying our belongings in it, drinking from a mug, or cup, it can be a conversation piece. My intention is not only to tell them about my business, but as an example, and reminder of what God has done for us all. It is to know that He is real regardless of what is going on in this world.
This is the Mission Statement of
Overcomers United!
1John ch5 v4.
Thank you for Visiting. Feel free to browse, find something you like to purchase, and Share with others! Blessings to you and I Appreciate your Business!

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